Quiet Life On the Oaxaca Coast

Long time no blog, I’ll try to pick up where I left off.

After Zihuatenejo, I continued my merry way down along the coast and ended up in Zipolite.

Zipolite is a laid back beach town filled with backpackers and aging hippies. Its very low key and nothing much happens there. The entire place shuts down at 11 PM and doesn’t really wake up until 10 PM. If you’re looking for a place to space out for a few days or weeks, this is the place for you. I had planned to stay for one night but wound up staying five nights. At least I think it was five..I’m not really counting the days anymore.



I stayed at A Nice Place On The Beach. True to its title its, well lets see, a nice place on the beach. Its hardly a resort – just a beachside bar and a few rooms – but it does have a theme: “Where People Come To Do Nothing”. And that’s exactly what I did for my time there. No motorbike, no internet, no television, no phone. I just mellowed out and whiled away days hanging out at on the beach terrace with the other guests, walking the beach and enjoying a few drinks at the Italian bar in the evening.

The only problem with Zipolite (apart from being difficult to leave) was that the current was treacherous so swimming was not a good idea. A couple of days I rode over the hill to nearby Puerto Angel for swim.

So, not much of an update from me this time. But when you spend a week doing basically nothing, there’s not much exciting to write about. I’ll leave you with a few photos.


Beachside Parking




Terrible Name, Great Food


Puerto Angel

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