Into 2012 – Costa Rica

P1020070 (800x534)

Crocodiles In The Tarcoles River

Note:I’ve been off the air a while. I’m in Colombia now. Regular programming to recommence shortly.

Having arrived safely in San Jose, I set up camp at the house of some old friends and went about some tasks in the lead up to Christmas.

First off was to the bike serviced. The Suzuki dealer didn’t have all the necessary parts and seemed not overly eager for my custom so I went to La Moto AG, a garage run by a garrulous Australian ex World Superbike racer. They did all the regular maintenance, and most importantly changed out the air filter. It had accumulated a lot of dust and dirt in the last few months so I sprang for a re-usable filter. That way, the next time it clogs up I can just wash it myself and not  need to hunt for replacement parts, which are very to come by down here.

My glasses were not holding up well to the rigors of the last few months so I wanted to get a new pair here. I got an eye exam, two frame and lens sets

Next up on the To Do list was to wash my riding jackets and pants. After thousands of miles of riding in dust , dirt and black clouds of diesel fumes, I looked more like I had been working down a coal mine instead of riding a motorbike.

Finally I gave the bike a long needed wash so everything was spick and span (for now).


A Pic For Posterity Of Clean Clothes & Bike!

Tasks done I could relax and enjoy Christmas. Christmas customs were a little different in Costa Rica. We sat down to Christmas dinner at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, and then gave out the gifts directly afterwards.


Handing Out Gifts


I’d been in contact with another rider and he rolled into town on the 26th. Mark’s blog is here. We met up for lunch and swapped tales of life on the road and I helped him track down a type repair shop to change his back tyre.

After Christmas I packed up and headed back out to the pacific coast and searched out a beach to celebrate the new year. I ended up in a village called Uvita and stayed at a very cool, cheap and funky place called the Hotel Toucan. A lot of travelers were staying here for the new year celebration so it was a good place to stop for a few days. The Italian and American owners laid on a great New Year’s party complete with four course meal and live music (including a guy playing the didgeridoo from Germany via Skype).

P1020097 (800x534)

Prime Parking Spot At The Hotel Toucan


P1020108 (800x534)

New Year Festivities
P1020072 (800x534)

Wildllife In Uvita


P1020130 (800x534)

Too Busy/Lazy To Sail Your Yacht? Put It On A Yacht-Ship!

P1020151 (800x534)

Verdant Scenery Everywhere

iphone 1672

Chito & Daughter

In the photo above is Chito and daughter. I met them in a bar in Golfito. Chito is known internationally as the “Costa Rican Crocodile Man”. Sadly, Pocho the crocodile passed away recently.

P1020077 (800x534)

Beach Near Golfito

After new year’s I headed down through southeast Costa Rica toward Panama with a stop over in the port town of Golfito. The scenery was still as stunning as ever with tropical vegetation encroaching the road, but the road itself got a lot worse the closer I got to Panama. There were potholes everywhere so it was back to zigzagging among the holes and avoiding the oncoming traffic swerving to avoid other potholes. Seems almost normal to me now!

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One Response to Into 2012 – Costa Rica

  1. Well Conor ,

    I am delighted to see that all your Boy Scout training in the St. Mary’s 4th. Kerry Troop is paying off !!!!! ……………………… .

    Really enjoy following you on your fantastic trip .

    Stay safe and all the best from lovely Listowel .

    Your ex Scout Leader ,

    John Kennelly . 😉

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