Where Did I Go?

Below is my approximate route. Click here for a more detailed map


13 Responses to Where Did I Go?

  1. Pat says:

    The blog is great. Sounds like a great trip so far. Also looks like you’ve been having good weather.

    Pat Noone

  2. Peter Haase says:

    Cool blog. Safe travels!
    – Peter, Denmark

  3. Dale Denwalt says:

    Your Blog is great. I will use your posts as a manual for my own trip this September.

  4. Muy hermosa su aventura. Felicitaciones y mis saludos desde Lima – Perú!

  5. Edson Matos says:

    Bravo Conor, espetacular tu aventura, te envidio, muy pronto hare algo parecido y te pedire algunos consejos.

  6. Conor I will be leaving Brazil 10th of June to Atacama with a friend riding our bikes. Are you going to be around at that time? We intend to arrive at Atacama 15th of June. Great trip!

  7. lacaritosh14 says:

    Conor dónde estás????
    saludos desde Quito

  8. Just read your adventures. Well done mate. Well done!

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